Dr Antonio Gonzalez Zarandona

Antonio Gonzalez Zarandona is Associate Research Fellow at Deakin University, Australia and Associate Researcher at the Centre for Research and Teaching of Economics, Mexico. For the duration of his Visiting Fellowship he is hosted by Goldsmiths, University of London.
Project status

During his time in the UK, Dr Zarandona will apply the methodologies created by Forensic Architecture, recently nominated for the Turner Prize, to expose acts of state violence, including the destruction of heritage in Murujuga, Western Australia. Forensic Architecture is a research agency that undertakes a series of investigations into human rights abuses that may also have an impact to the urban landscape. Using novel research methods to study and analyse heritage destruction, Dr Zarandona’s project will create the prototype of a digital multimedia platform to expose the events and acts of destruction that have shaped Murujuga in its current form. 

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