Professor Maria Eugenia Ulfe Young

UK Host Institution: University of East Anglia
Project status

Collaborative Action and Writing: Voices of Recovery and Women of Influence

This Fellowship, hosted by Area Studies at UEA, will afford time, space, connection and collaboration in the writing up phases of two current projects: Women of Influence (Co-I, with Sarah Barrow, UEA) and Voices of Recovery (Co-I with Hazel Marsh, Teresa Armijos Burneo and Roger Few, UEA). The first (funded by British Academy's GCRF Tackling Global Challenges programme) has used creative online tools and fieldwork coproduced with young indigenous women to recognise their leadership potential within and on behalf of their communities in Junin, Peru.

The Fellowship will allow me to work with PI Barrow to finalise the special issue of the 'New Area Studies', key academic output from the project. The second (funded by AHRC/IDRC/FAPESP/MINCIENCIAS) explores the intersecting risks, capacities and pandemic recovery needs in marginalised communities of Latin America. I will work with the UEA teams to finalise the outputs of these projects and to develop new opportunities.

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