Politics of Denial and Non-Recognition of Genocide

This project illuminates how factors such as state sovereignty, geopolitical dynamics, and media influence shape the dynamics of denial and non-recognition in the realm of genocide studies.
Project status


This research project delves into the politics of genocide diplomacy in Bangladesh and Myanmar and examines the consequences on both nations and affected communities. It aims to identify patterns and biases in international responses through a comparative analysis with acknowledged genocides, thereby contributing to the development of a theoretical framework for understanding the dynamics of genocide denial in different contexts. Additionally, the project explores the psychological, socio-political, and cultural impacts of non-recognition on survivors, refugees, and descendants. By providing actionable recommendations for international bodies, nation-states, and civil society organisations, the project seeks to address and rectify the issue of non-recognition, fostering more robust and transparent responses to future atrocities.

Principal Investigator: Dr Bayes Ahmed, University College London

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