Pakistan to Bangladesh, 1947-71

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Project status

Pakistan was born in August 1947 split into two wings. The 1971 civil war which created Bangladesh entrenched a history of bitterness between the two. For fifty years Pakistan and Bangladesh have had little connection, and their joint history is almost forgotten.

This workshop will connect historians from Bangladesh and Pakistan for the first time. Early career researchers from Bangladesh and Pakistan will participate in a phased workshop throughout 2021 and early 2022 to produce research articles for a special issue of the journal South Asia, focusing on the 1947-71 period. With limited training and few publishing opportunities, early career researchers in these countries rarely reach an international audience. From the submission of abstracts to paper presentations at the Lahore ThinkFest in January 2022, and then the special issue, the workshop team will work with these scholars to build capacity, improve standards, and increase visibility.

Workshop Team: Professor Faisal Devji, University of Oxford; Dr Yaqoob Bangash, Information Technology University, Lahore

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