The Pakistan Publishing and Mentoring Workshop: Tackling Climate Change Challenges

The workshop(s) for this project take place in Pakistan.
Project status

This four-day workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary group of early-career Pakistani researchers who work broadly on the topic of climate change vulnerability in Pakistan. The objectives of this workshop are to build writing capacity amongst local Pakistani researchers, conduct peer review and writing mentorship, and produce a special issue geared toward the journal of Climate and Development.

Beyond the four-day workshop, the project aims to build connections between Pakistani and UK researchers to foster ongoing academic exchange, collaboration and mentorship to bridge the research deficit and equip local researchers to apply for global grants and to add their voice to the global disciplinary debates on climate change. Melting glaciers, drought, natural resources conflicts, agricultural vulnerability and natural hazards characterize the challenges faced by Pakistan, and local researchers have a significant contribution to make to understanding the dynamics of climate change vulnerability in Pakistan, where local risks can translate into global crisis.

Workshop Team: Dr Abrar Chaudhury, University of Oxford; Dr Umer Khayyam, National University of Sciences and Technology; Dr Ariell Ahearn-Ligham, University of Oxford; Dr Lisa Schipper, University of Oxford

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