Pacific partnership for knowledge transfer and skills development

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Fiji and Vanuatu.
Project status

It is proposed to hold workshops on the university campuses of the regional University of the South Pacific (our ODA partner) in the Pacific island states of Vanuatu and Fiji focussing in particular on academics, including early career academics, in the School of Law and Social Sciences and invitees from the National Universities of Vanuatu and Fiji. The coordinators of this project have extensive experience of working at the university and insights into the contextual challenges faced by Pacific island academics in undertaking research and writing for publication. They have also published extensively on Pacific related matters in a wide range on international journals and are well-placed to draw on their own research journeys to inform these workshops and mentor participants. The workshops will be designed to accommodate those with very little writing experience to those who are more confident and to encourage the two-way sharing of insights.

Workshop team: Dr Susan Farran, Newcastle University; Dr Morsen Mosses, University of the South Pacific; Professor Jennifer Corrin, The University of Queensland.

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