Language(s), Capabilities and Humanisation in Higher Education in Tanzania and Kenya: Developing and applying a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary, and contextually relevant framework

This project explores the role of language(s) in Higher Education in Tanzania and Kenya.
Project status

In both Tanzania and Kenya, English is the official language of learning and teaching (LoLT) in universities, yet the societies in which they are embedded are multilingual. Evidence from primary and secondary schooling convincingly demonstrates the detrimental impact of monolingual use of English as the LoLT on educational experiences and outcomes. However, the question of language(s) has been neglected at tertiary level, despite the important role for quality and equitable Higher Education as a driver of development. This project will develop a locally relevant conceptual framework, informed by the Capability Approach and East African literary analysis, and use this to analyse students’ experiences of languages and learning, gathered through interviews and language diaries. The project will also develop co-creative approaches to expanding students’ capabilities. This will enable recommendations to improve the quality and equity of Higher Education opportunities.

Principal Investigator: Dr Laela Adamson, University of Strathclyde

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