Living the Everyday in the Context of Ebola: a Study of Health and Social Interactions at Uganda's Borders

This project investigates everyday life and social relations in Uganda
Project status

'Living the everyday' principally addresses how social relations and everyday life affect knowledge and management of sickness, including and beyond Ebola. This research focuses on the West Nile sub-region of Uganda (areas situated directly on the Uganda/ Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda/ South Sudan border). Recently, these borders have come to the attention of international experts, under the guise of Ebola-preparedness efforts following the spread of the epidemic from North Kivu, DRC. Yet, little is known about everyday social relations, movement and health-seeking across these spaces. ‘Living the everyday’ deploys extensive interdisciplinary expertise in the region, along with novel international partnerships, to provide much needed, urgent perspectives on health-seeking.

Principal Investigator: Professor Tim Allen, London School of Economics and Political Science

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