Enhancing Value Added Products and Nutritional Benefits from Agroforestry Systems

This project works with communities in the Peruvian Amazon to develop and add value to products from agroforestry
Project status

Agroforestry has potential to slow tropical deforestation and contribute to local and global diets. Despite its promise, agroforestry currently occupies a relatively small area compared to more extensive land uses. This project will integrate natural and social sciences with local knowledge to co-develop strategies and technologies to add value to primary products from agroforestry crops grown by indigenous communities in tropical rainforests. The project will work with communities in the Peruvian Amazon to demonstrate the value of an interdisciplinary approach to generate value-added agroforestry products to improve livelihoods and nutrition in indigenous communities and curb deforestation.

Principal Investigator: Dr Pamela Katic, University of Greenwich

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