Learning Between Stakeholders: Energy Innovation for Low-cost Housing in the Western Cape, South Africa

This project aims to uncover energy-efficient solutions to low-income urban housing settlements.
Project status

The project responds to the dual global challenges of: 1) reducing carbon emissions, and 2) meeting the needs of rapidly expanding urban populations in the Global South. Its primary empirical focus is the Western Cape, South Africa. The research team has four aims: firstly, to facilitate meaningful learning engagements between diverse stakeholders involved in low-income urban housing; secondly, to enhance policy capacity and propose practical strategies that combine the needs of diverse stakeholders in energy innovation for low-cost housing; thirdly, to deliver knowledge exchange between academics, policymakers, and practitioners, and; fourthly, to implement a new interdisciplinary approach drawing from engineering, architecture, human geography and business studies to formulate more effective policies to deliver sustainable urban settlements in the Global South.

Principal Investigator: Dr Charlotte Lemanski, University of Cambridge

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