Co-Developing Risk Assessment across Disciplines and Borders: Gene Drive Mosquito Field Trials in Uganda

This project examines risk assessment practices for emerging technologies, focusing on gene drive technology in Uganda.
Project status

Despite demands from Europe, USA and Africa for risk assessment of emerging technologies to be more inclusive, risk decisions remain highly contested, narrowly scientific and expert led. Risk assessment is a critical step in technology development, yet very little is known about how to ‘open’ it up to stakeholders. The unique risks of gene drive technology make it an excellent example of this thorny problem, presenting a ‘constitutional moment’ to rethink international biotechnology governance. The research team aims to address this problem through a case study of gene drive mosquitoes in Uganda to eradicate malaria, a disease with significant health and economic costs. The project will develop new ways of thinking about and approaching risk assessment in collaboration with Ugandan stakeholders. 


Principal Investigator: Dr Sarah Hartley, University of Exeter

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