Journal Work Academy

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Lagos.
Project status

The Journal Work Academy builds on the writing workshops pioneered by the ASAUK, which were designed to meet a real and expressed need. African scholars in the humanities and social sciences have for decades been articulating concerns about the barriers they face in getting their work published in leading international journals. At the same time, we have seen in recent years the establishment of significant Africa-based conference series and there is a growing impetus to build and strengthen the rapidly growing field of Africa based scholarly journals. The workshop team have developed materials and a structured programme to build capacity and to train the next generation of Africa-based peer reviewers and journal editors. Rather than focusing only on individual authors, as most writing workshops do, the Journal Work Academy, in its fifth year now, contributes to ongoing initiatives to build networks and strengthen and expand Africa's knowledge base.

Workshop team: Dr Helene Neveu Kringelbach, University College London; Dr Edgar Nabutanyi; Makerere University; Dr Yetunde Zaid, University of Lagos; Dr Divine Fuh, University of Cape Town.

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