Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Research on Peace and Security: Publishing and Grant Writing Workshop for Early Career Researchers in Eastern Africa

Dr Sarah Njeri, King’s College London; Kenya
Project status

Research has the potential to influence policy through the dissemination of outcomes in international journals. Regrettably, sub-Saharan Africa produces very few articles in international journals in comparison to other parts of the world. Specifically, in peace and security related publications, research remains largely as grey literature and many who publish do so singularly; they are also the more established male scholars who therefore receive the largest proportion of international research grants. Inevitably, the lack of publications in international journals limits the opportunities for policy engagement by early career researchers, especially women. Evidence suggests that research published in international journals is more likely to influence policy. Therefore, there is an overriding imperative to support early career researchers, including and especially women, to develop and/or enhance their capacity to write for publication in international journals; prepare successful research grant proposals and undertake collaborative interdisciplinary research. 

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