Uneven Urban Democracy: Inequality and Political Participation in Buenos Aires

Project status


How do socio-economic inequalities within cities impact on capacities to participate in urban policy, governance and political mobilisation? This project forges a new research agenda on urban political participation, contributing to democratisation, urbanisation and development studies, focusing on Latin America which has both the highest levels of inequality and urbanisation in the world. The project will examine three strands of urban inequality in order to provide up-to-date analyses of key challenges facing the consolidation of democracy in Buenos Aires, indicating broader implications for cities elsewhere: Strand one: participatory urban governance; Strand two: political parties and unequal participation; Strand three: protest. The project involves an inter-disciplinary collaboration between a geographer (PI), political scientist (Co-I), sociologist (Co-I) and a partnership with the Commission for Decentralisation and Political Participation of the Legislature of Buenos Aires City

Research team

Dr Sam Halvorsen, Queen Mary University of London; Dr Rocío Annunziata, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnica, Argentina; Dr Sebastián Mauro, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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