Understanding Gender-Based Harassment and Bystander Behaviour in University Campuses in Guatemala

Project status


Gender-based harassment in universities is a serious global problem that prevents women from completing their studies, leading to perpetuation of gender inequalities. Harassment is often witnessed by others, who could intervene as bystanders. Workshops that harness bystanders with the skills and willingness to intervene have been applied successfully in the Global North as primary prevention. There is currently no knowledge of the effectiveness of this approach in the Global South. In this project, the research team investigates perceptions of harassment, and barriers and facilitators for bystander intervention in a university in Guatemala, a post-conflict Central American country with high levels of gender-based violence. Results of mixed-methods studies will inform the development of culturally sensitive entertainment-education film vignettes, which will be piloted at the university. This project will feed into a larger programme that aims to co-develop a bystander intervention workshop suitable for reducing gender-based harassment and masculine social norms in Latin America.

Research team

Dr Minna Lyons, University of Liverpool; Dr Gayle Brewer, University of Liverpool; Dr Luna Centifanti, University of Liverpool; Dr Glenda García García, University of San Carlos de Guatemala, Guatemala

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