In/Visible Syrian Immigrants in Turkey: Identities and Cities in Transition

Project status


This project examines visible and invisible boundaries for Syrian immigrants in Turkish cities through an interdisciplinary study and aims to identify their vulnerabilities. The empirical analysis will be conducted in two provincial industrial centres with diverse local settings. Immigrants’ urban experience will be contextualised in their space/place making, employment, identity formation, and access to resources. The research team will also undertake participatory activities for immigrant families in association with policy makers and stakeholders, including two leading refugee organisations and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in selected cities. The findings will be disseminated to policy makers and other target audiences through panels, workshops and policy briefings. Enabling immigrants’ settlement in urban areas is an urgent global problem. Overall, the study aims to contribute to the UN 2030 objectives of making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable while also addressing structural inequalities built in gender roles, ethnicity and social status.

Research team

Dr Gul Berna Ozcan, Royal Holloway; Dr Sinan Akyuz, Abdullah Gül University, Turkey; Professor Burak Asiliskender, Abdullah Gul University, Turkey; Professor Meltem Karadağ, Gaziantep University, Turkey; Professor Cigdem Varol, Gazi University, Turkey

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