Food Resilience and Rural Poverty in Vietnam: The Role of Trading Networks and Information Flows

Project status


This project will provide a novel analysis of the food supply network in Vietnam with a particular emphasis on rural farming and local market trading. Vietnam is particularly vulnerable to climate change and rising sea levels. It is also characterised by high levels of inequality and rural poverty. This project will collect and combine three strands of data: (1) mapping the food supply network of rural farmers, (2) survey of household behaviour, beliefs and attitudes, and (3) field data on weather and crop quality. This data will give unprecedented insight on the resilience and efficiency of the food supply network. It will also allow novel analysis on the consequences of climate shock for food supply, rural poverty and social cohesion within local communities. The project team will also model behavioural interventions that can be implemented at a local level in order to increase resilience to shock and alleviate poverty.

Research team

Professor Edward Cartwright, De Montfort University; Dr Tuan Luong, De Montfort University; Dr Trung-Thanh Ngo, Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vietnam; Dr Long Tran Thanh, University of Warwick; Dr Nguyen Quang, Duy Tan University, Vietnam

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