Histories of practice za kujiinua*: co-designing across boundaries for youth resilience in Kenya

Histories of practice za kujiinua* (*"to lift them up") focuses on young people in Kenya involved in and affected by crisis.
Project status


A collaboration between Glad’s House and YADEN in Kenya, and academics from Nairobi and Manchester Metropolitan Universities, this project will employ networking and storytelling methodology, to explore the organisations’ histories of practice and further develop creative pedagogies of practice for educators and social workers working with young people in Kenya involved in and affected by crisis. Working between the three disciplines of Education, Sociology and Design, the project will build a theoretical context that informs a creative pedagogic design process piloted through two creative projects exploring young people’s experiences of crisis. The team aim to understand the role of resilience building and the mechanisms of building resilience as a way of mitigating the risk of fragility, and in particular as a young person’s tool rather than one which adults impose upon them.

Principal Investigator: Dr Su Corcoran, Manchester Metropolitan University

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