Governing for Urban Inclusion

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in South Africa.
Project status

This application will extend the impact of the 2019 British Academy-funded writing workshop in Johannesburg on 'Governing for Urban Inclusion'. It will create further support for 25 participants in a new project that includes past participants interested in this opportunity and additional early-career researchers based in Southern Africa working on this theme. As before, the main event is an in-person workshop, held in Johannesburg in April/May 2024. Unlike the previous project, the proposed project will have a structured programme of pre-workshop virtual meetings to support the writing of new articles and to provide peer and mentor reviews. It will also have a programme of post-workshop virtual meetings that support the submission of articles to high impact journals, the revision of articles after the review process, or resubmission elsewhere. Also new, the workshop will establish peer-to-peer networking and support groups (e.g. women, parents, academics of colour) that extend beyond the project.

Workshop Team: Professor Charlotte Lemanski, University of Cambridge; Dr Richard Ballard, University of the Witwatersrand.

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