Professor Nicola Piper

For the duration of her Global Professorship Nicola Piper is hosted by Queen Mary University of London.
Project status

Nicola Piper

This project’s focus is on the leadership potential of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in a world of deepening institutional fragmentation around global migration governance and continuing erosion of (migrant and non-migrant) workers’ rights. It is based on the hypothesis that through the adoption of a network approach to its internal and external operations, the ILO would be able to better coordinate its efforts across the changed landscape of global migration governance with two results: (1) strengthening a rights-based approach (normative, regulation-based), and (2) re-asserting itself as the key actor (political, action-oriented).

Conceptually, this is captured by the theory of 'nodal governance' at the intersection of global governance studies and sociological network analysis. Empirically, the project will deliver a detailed study of the ILO to chart changes in the character of governance of migration through the lens of decent work.

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