Dr Francesca Borgonovi

For the duration of her Global Professorship Francesca Borgonovi is hosted by University College London.
Project status

Francesca Borgonovi

Digital technology plays an increasingly central role in education settings, as a learning aid and in testing. The way in which technology interacts with formal learning has the potential to shape personality traits such as drive, perseverance, motivation as well as stress and anxiety levels. This project will study how technology use for educational and recreational purposes impacts on young people’s dispositions and how such dispositions are related to outcomes such as educational attainment, labour market participation and performance, civic and social engagement, and health, potentially driving inequalities in these outcomes. The project will also study how technology (computer-based testing, in particular) can be used to study and measure such dispositions in robust, valid and reliable ways across countries and across population sub-groups within countries.

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