Professor Marc Oxenham

For the duration of his Global Professorship Marc Oxenham is hosted by the University of Aberdeen.
Project status

Marc Oxenham
Utilising cutting-edge developments in ancient skeletal analysis, this project seeks to develop new ways of understanding ancient population dynamics to assess health and stress over the last 6,000 years. Reasons for, and consequences of, the experience of stress in human communities spanning the origin of farming (Neolithic) through to the Medieval period will be modelled in a study that utilises the rich, but understudied human remains collections archived in UK museums. This project seeks to provide new understanding of how Northern communities biologically adapted to and were resilient to the vagaries of significant change in climate, environment, technology and economy throughout antiquity. It aims to grow an emerging area of bioarchaeological expertise at the University of Aberdeen and provide new pioneering techniques in the field of bioarchaeology more generally.

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