From the Floe Edge: Visualising Local Sea Ice Change in Kinngait, Nunavut

This project engages with art history, visual studies, scientific analyses, and local knowledge to better understand the relationship between communities and sea ice change.
Project status

For many Arctic communities and ecosystems, one of the most impactful consequences of climate warming is the deterioration of coastal sea ice which forms along the coastline during winter and spring. This sea ice is of immense importance to Indigenous Arctic residents, humans and animals alike, and experiences of coastal sea ice and the floe edge are seen as inherently local. Through printmaking and drawing, alongside satellite imagery, From the Floe Edge represents novel art historical and geographical research into the stories, memories, science, and visual histories of local sea ice conditions.

In collaboration with Canada’s longest running print studio Kinngait Studios in Nunavut, we explore how a community-led and visually-oriented study of the sea ice and floe edge surrounding Kinngait might help inform understandings of past, present, and future sea ice conditions.

Principal Investigator: Dr Isabelle Gapp, University of Aberdeen

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