From Research Assistants to Authors: A Platform for Platform Scholars in African Cities

Project status


The proposed project will support early career researchers, post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students based in Africa through mentoring (both in-person workshop and virtual), expertise from a journal editorial board, publisher representatives, and wrap-around on-line support.

The workshop will help develop a cadre of scholars to confidently engage in publishing not just within platform studies but also wider social sciences. The workshop is co-developed and co-designed with two experienced researchers who are also doctoral students from Africa. This kind of design for the training and mentorship programme is a key platform for capacity development in the region, including networking with regional and international academics and institutions. Participants will be selected from the wider African region, with a particular focus on states and institutions with lower rates of publishing in international journals. The main outcome of the workshop would be a special issue in the Platform and Society (Sage).

Workshop Team: Dr Mohammad Amir Anwar, University of Edinburgh; Dr Liza Rose Cirolia, University of Cape Town; Dr Andrea Pollio, Politecnico di Torino; Dr Dennis Mbugu, University of Nairobi; Ms Alicia Fortuin, University of Cape Town; Mr Jack Ong'iro Odeo, University of Stockholm.

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