Follow-Up Writing Workshop: Amplifying African Voices in Peacekeeping and Statebuilding Research

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Uganda, Somaliland, Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Project status

The proposed workshop builds on the ‘Amplifying African Voices in Peacekeeping and Statebuilding’ writing workshop held in 2022. It follows the objective of developing the academic writing capacities of early-career researchers (ECRs) at African universities and improving the representation of African scholars in peacekeeping and statebuilding research. Building on the publication success of previous workshop participants in 2022, we will continue to enhance the writing skills of ECRs and deepen their knowledge of the publication process. To counter the often rather descriptive writing style, one focus of this workshop will be the presentation of theoretical frameworks. Additionally, we will enable a reflection on individual and structural barriers to writing and will strengthen peer review and peer support networks. The follow-up workshop will expand the mentorship scheme, establish an online platform for exchange, and widen the ‘African Voices’ network by including scholars from the Rift Valley Institute (RVI) alumni network.

Workshop Team: Professor Jutta Bakonyi, Durham University; Dr Geoffrey Lugano, Rift Valley Institute Kenya; Dr Alice Finder, Durham University; Dr Kodili Henry Chukwuma, Durham University; Dr Tom Odhiambo, University of Nairobi;

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