Filmmaking and the Academy in Times of (Dis)Order: Deep Listening | Dialogue | Diffraction

Using the concept of ‘Deep Listening’, this project explores how methodologies inspired by feminist and non-western artists might improve communications between the Global South and North.
Project status

As the planet faces increased levels of global disorder, this project analyses how methodologies inspired by feminist and non-Western artists and scholars might be utilised to improve communications between the Global South and the Global North.

Drawing on composer Pauline Oliveros’s concept of ‘Deep Listening’, the research has three aims: firstly, to evaluate how Global North academics working in the Global South might benefit from employing diffractive, dialogical and deep listening methodologies to develop forms of filmmaking which reverse historical and colonial flows of power; secondly, to deepen and develop a pilot project which utilises audio-visual technology to foster translocal cinematic dialogues between feminist activists in four historically-connected cities in Cuba and Europe, and, finally, to bring Western understandings of Artistic and Academic Research into dialogue with Black and Caribbean scholarship and art to help develop a more positive ecology of epistemologies across the Global North and South.

Principal Investigator: Dr David Archibald, University of Glasgow

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