Exploring coloniality and precarity engagements amongst Urban-Poor Resilient Malaysian Indian Women (EXCAPE- URMI)

This project will explore the legacies of colonialism which established racial, political, gender and class hierarchies of control by favouring some groups and marginalising others in Malaysia.
Project status


Many Indians who arrived as indentured labourers during British colonisation continue to experience poverty and lag behind all other ethnic groups in terms of social mobility despite various attempts at ameliorating their social conditions through government and international aid programmes. Extensive research has documented the contemporary challenges experienced by Malaysian Indians in overcoming poverty. However, its connection to the historical foundations is yet to be explored. The project addresses this disconnection by applying a decolonial theorising of social issues. Its findings are expected to inform public policy and future initiatives that seek to redress inequalities faced by Urban Poor Malaysian Indian women.

Principal Investigator: Dr Geetha Reddy, Open University

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