Energising Landscapes: lands, livelihoods, and energy infrastructures in Ghana

This project utilises interdisciplinary methods to explore and address the multidimensional land and livelihood challenges linked to large scale energy infrastructures in some selected communities in Ghana.
Project status

Energy availability and affordability are considered crucial in Africa and have been used to justify large scale appropriation and acquisition of lands. Despite Ghana’s varied energy sources, a history of inconsistent electricity provision continues to drive policies on new energy infrastructure constructions. This has resulted in extensive land acquisitions, displacements, and resettlement of communities close to such infrastructures, with broader livelihood challenges.

This project will focus on three geographically diverse communities in Ghana situated near distinct energy infrastructures (gas, hydroelectric, and solar). Investigating how different energy infrastructures affect everyday livelihoods, prospects for land tenure, use and accessibility will integrate local knowledge and values in addressing the multidimensional challenges communities face and in enhancing inclusive energy governance.

Principal Investigator: Dr William Otchere-Darko, Newcastle University

Co-Investigators: Dr Raymond Talinbe Abdulai, Newcastle University; Dr Helen Akolgo-Azupogo, University for Development Studies; Dr Austin Dziwornu Ablo, University of Ghana; Dr Deborah Darko, Water Research Institute at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; Dr Pauline Destrée, Durham University

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