Enabling a just transition in automotive: evidence from the West Midlands and South Australia

Project status

Employment in the automotive sector is typically spatially concentrated and hence the impact of the transition to low-carbon technologies will have profound subnational effects. Although there is a rich literature around the spatial impact of automotive plant closures, the novelty of this project lies in its focus on transformation and diversification throughout the supply chain. As such, it posits a comparative international piece of research investigating the potential lessons for supplier firms arising from the West Midlands and South Australia. This project will employ mixed methods and it is envisaged that this will result in the creation of a unique dataset. The core of the project will entail a series of interviews with stakeholders (management, workforce and policymakers) throughout the supply chain, coupled with a workforce survey. This project will break new ground through its explicit examination of the potentials of supplier firms to reorient toward the ‘green’ automotive production economy.

Professor Alex De Ruyter, Birmingham City University; Dr Sally Weller, University of South Australia

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