Improving the Quality of Day-Care Centres in Nairobi Through ‘Community of Practice’ and Co-Designing the Operationalisation of the National Early Childhood Development Guidelines in Nairobi

This project aims to contribute towards improving the quality of care for children in poor urban settings in Kenya.
Project status

Investing in caregivers and children during the critical period between birth and five years of a child’s life can have long-lasting benefits in the life of the child. In Kenya's urban slums, children face significant challenges to healthy development, particularly when their families need to earn a daily wage and cannot care for them during the day. Informal, private day-care has developed in response but care-givers are untrained and quality is poor. The government has made progress in developing early childhood development (ECD) guidelines to improve day-care quality but struggles to operationalise these. The overall purpose of this project is to co-design a system to implement government ECD guidelines through skills building of care-givers and monitoring of day-care centres to improve the quality of care for children in poor urban settings. After mapping quality of day-care providers, this project will use quantitative, qualitative and cost-benefit methods to evaluate impact.

Research Team: Dr Helen Elsey, University of York; Dr Margaret Nampijja, African Population and Health Research Center, Kenya; Dr Elizabeth Kimani-Murage, African Population and Health Research Centre, Kenya; Dr Patricia Kadzo Kitsao-Wekulo, African Population and Health Research Center, Kenya

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