Early career workshops in Turkey: training and mentorship for ECRs in identity, ontological security, and conflict studies

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Turkey.
Project status

The workshop will offer an ambitious training and mentorship programme for early career researchers (ECRs) in the interdisciplinary field of identity, ontological security, and conflict studies in Turkish universities. Turkish social science scholars have been directly affected by the repressive political climate and declining international opportunities, while the country experienced growing insecurity, nationalism, polarisation and economic instability. The workshop will introduce ECRs from Turkey to leading Turkish and international scholars, journal editors, grant leads, and experienced mentors. The programme includes detailed feedback on draft manuscripts, a collaborative research incubator session, hands-on training on publishing, grants and careers, and a long-term programme of mentorship. Additional support is planned for ECRs from underprivileged higher education institutions in Turkey and women scholars. Outcomes for ECRs include advice on manuscripts until submission, article and grant writing skills, links to international scholars and journal editors, new mentor networks, and greater understanding of academic career opportunities.

Workshop team: Dr Dmitry Chernobrov, University of Sheffield; Professor Bahar Rumelili, Koc University.

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