Early Career Researcher Development in Africa through Writing and Mentoring Workshops

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.
Project status

These workshops will bring together African early career researchers from all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. The inter-disciplinary nature of the workshops will encourage the early career researchers to develop diverse networks within their own region and internationally, approach research problems accounting for different perspectives in developing/leading funding bids and engaging stakeholders. The interdisciplinary approach will connect environmental sciences to outcomes for human health and social-economic wellbeing as a focal point. Sub-Saharan Africa produces relatively few international research papers, limiting track record to compete and lead bids for international funds. Therefore, the workshops will provide mentorship via journal editors in writing skills for peer review papers and will engage willing early career researchers in subsequent peer review alongside mentors beyond the project. Writing skills will include differing formats for public science communication, short briefs for management/policy makers to encourage building of individual research profiles and track record.

Workshop Team: Dr Michael Watts, British Geological Survey; Professor Odipo Osano, University of Eldoret; Professor Akinade Olatunji, University of Ibadan; Dr Naoise Nunan, Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris

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