Dr Tara White

Project status

Legal Toxins: Characterising the Effect of New Psychoactive Substances on Brain Health

This project will characterise the brain impact of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) in the U.K. NPS represent a large-scale, growing threat to brain health. Law enforcement, clinicians and scientists are unable to keep up with the issue due to exploding availability of NPS online. The need is thus urgent to understand (a) the short and long-term impact of these drugs on the brain, and (b) vulnerability factors that increase risk. This Fellowship leverages the strengths of the University of Cambridge, Dr. Karen Ersche (University Cambridge, UK) and Dr. Tara White (Applicant, US). Intellectual infrastructure is excellent at the University of Cambridge; Dr White investigates the acute effects of stimulants on the healthy brain and their effects on behaviour; and Dr Ersche investigates addiction vulnerability and the chronic effects of these drugs.

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