Dr Suzanne So

UK Host Institution: Northumbria University
Project status

Dissociation and Co-Occurring Psychopathologies – Two Investigations Along the Clinical Spectrum

Dissociative experiences are found in people in the general population and those with mental health disorders. These experiences encompass lapses in memory and time, but also extend through to feeling disconnected from our own identity to the point that someone can feel like they have more than one personality. Using healthcare data from multiple years, we are interested in understanding whether people with particular mental health disorders may be more likely to experience dissociation. The second study will focus on whether being prone to dissociation can encourage feeling low and blue when people experience mind wandering. In visiting Northumbria University, Dr. So will have dedicated time to pursue these questions of importance for understanding how to improve the treatment people receive. In addition, the time to develop new links with Dr. Barkus and her colleagues will be invaluable for expanding knowledge in both Dr. So and Dr. Barkus’ workplaces.

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