Dr Stephen Oppong Peprah

A Complete Parsing and Translation of Amo's Philosophical Dissertations on Mind and Body
Project status

This project aims to do a complete parsing and student-friendly translation, from Latin to English, of the philosophical dissertations of Anton Wilhelm Amo.

Early in the eighteenth-century Anton Wilhelm Amo (c. 1703- c. 1759) was taken, while still a small boy, from West Africa [modern day Ghana] to Amsterdam. From there he was soon sent to Germany to work as a servant in the court of Duke Anton Ulrich of Braunschweig Lüneburg in Wolfenbüttel (Menn and Smith 2020). Having been exposed to education by the Duke, Amo eventually became a philosopher, legal scholar and university lecturer in Halle and Jena universities. The project aims to make Amo’s works accessible to student both as philosophical works and material for teaching Latin.

Outputs and Media

'A Complete Parsing and Translation of Amo’s Philosophical Dissertation on Mind and Body'

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