Dr Rhonda Faragher

UK Host Institution: University of Stirling
Project status

Ageing Well: Reducing the Fear of Dementia for Adults With Down Syndrome Through Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Down syndrome (DS) almost universally leads to dementia due to the impact of triplication of chromosome 21, where the genetic basis of Alzheimer’s disease lies. Much research has been undertaken to find cures or treatments. However, little research exists that investigates ways to age well, leading to fear in the DS community and poorer quality of life than might be possible.

This Fellowship will design a research proposal to study the impact of modifying known risk factors for dementia in a longitudinal study of global significance with potential to improve the quality of life of older adults with DS around the world. This fellowship will bring together world experts in DS from education and ageing to establish a partnership for ongoing collaborative research. It will also build capacity in UK Social Sciences by combining ageing research at University of Stirling with longitudinal, co-designed Down syndrome research at University of Queensland.

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