Dr Papia Sengupta

UK Host Institution: University of Sheffield
Project status

Reclaiming Through Resistance: Examining the Muslim Women's Protest Against the Citizenship Amendment Act in India

The project interrogates the marginalisation of Muslim women in post-colonial India who faced negligence from the state and their own community. Muslim women's lives, body and clothing have increasingly become the arena of conflict between the state and the patriarchal groups who continue to suppress their identity as individual citizens capable of making their own choices. Deploying the intersectionality approach to urban resistance, the project focuses on Muslim women analysing the case of the anti-CAA protest in India. It examines the protest as an act of Muslim women reclaiming their agency as citizens by putting up a strong resistance against the majoritarian state. The project maps Muslim women's everyday experiences of othering, deprivation and alienation and charting out how state action and policies have created or significantly contributed to these vulnerabilities.

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