Dr Ogochukwu Monye

UK Host Institution: University of Southampton
Project status

Innovations for Financial Inclusion in Nigeria and the United Kingdom

Financial inclusion is universal access to affordable and quality financial services. World Bank Findex, reports that 1.4 billion people globally lack financial services due to the absence of funds and documentation, cost, distance, proxy account ownership, financial system distrust and religious concerns. As COVID-19 has demonstrated the capacity of digital financial services to improve lives, this study examines the barriers and impactful deployment of digital finance to empower financially strained populations.

In collaboration with Southampton’s Dr Senyo and adopting the doctrinal, empirical and comparative research methods, I focus on Nigeria and the United Kingdom, to examine and proffer solutions for how emerging technology can be optimised for each market. Insights are drawn from Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh, Brazil, and India. Expected research themes include financial inclusion, opportunities and risks of emerging fintech, financial consumer protection, financial literacy and capability, regulatory approaches and societal responses to digital finance and financial systems integrity.

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