Dr Maria Fleurdelis Tanyag

UK Host Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Project status

The International Political Thought of Asia Pacific Women’s Regional Networks

This research seeks to undertake the first systematic study of the international political thought of Asia Pacific women’s regional networks and what lessons their ideas provide for addressing the interrelated global crises we experience today. Three regional networks, which are among the longest running and with expansive connections in the Asia Pacific, are selected for this pilot project. Feminist historical and interpretivist approaches will be used in examining all publicly available publications from pamphlets and newsletters to official reports by these networks from the 1980s to the present. Secondary sources such as United Nations archival records and reports will be used for corroborating and contextualising findings.

Expected outcomes include research collaboration to generate a historicised understanding of the intellectual contributions of women from the most crisis-affected region in the world; and to demonstrate the value of partnering with women’s networks across Asia and the Pacific for practitioners of global security.

Outputs and Media

International Political Thought from the Margins

Workshop hosted by Queen Mary University London, 25th July 2023

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