Dr Lala Muradova

UK Host Institution: School of Advanced Study, University of London
Project status

Feeling our way through misperceptions and misinformation

My recent research studied the persuasive potential of citizen-led institutions (e.g. citizen assemblies) to correct public misperceptions, when expert information is subject to political polarization. A secondary but unexplored finding was that different corrective interventions (experts vs. citizens´ assemblies) elicit different emotions in citizens which are consequential for people´s accuracy judgements. As misinformation often appeals to emotions; and emotions affect people's beliefs and behaviour, a better understanding of the role of emotions in correction of misperceptions can help design effective corrective strategies.

This fellowship will enable me (a) to expand this line of research at the Centre for the Politics of Feelings, specialized in the interdisciplinary investigation of emotions, and develop a first systematic and collaborative study about the role of emotions in the correction of misperceptions; and (b) acquire specialized knowledge and skills about physiological measurement of emotions, which would enrich my 2024 ERC Starting Grant Application.

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