Dr Kelvin Haule

UK Host Institution: Lancaster University
Project status

Governing Circular Sanitation Services to Africa’s Urban Poor: The Case of Tanzania

Achieving circular and sustainable sanitation services in Africa’s burgeoning informal settlements remains a major challenge. Examples of where some headway has been made overwhelmingly support co-production governance technique with multiple institutions co-delivering the water, hygiene and sewage services. However, co-production is hard to initiate, and even harder to sustain. Not only do the statutory institutions governing urban land and infrastructure find it difficult to recognize informal settlements. Continuity of the political commitment is also rarely guaranteed. These barriers in turn necessitates development coalition preceding co-production.

This Fellowship will examine the prospects and challenges of co-production for sanitation services in urban Tanzania. The aim is to help make meaningful progress towards achieving SDG Target 6.1 for Tanzania’s urban poor. It will review conceptual literature, evaluate existing evidence and conduct a modest amount of fieldwork. Outputs planned include one major article, a policy advocacy paper and a conference presentation.

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