Dr John Szabo

UK Host Institution: Brunel University London
Project status

The Political Economics of Hydrogen: Fossil versus Renewable-based in the UK

The objective of the Visiting Fellowship is to continue my novel inquiry on the political economics of hydrogen. I do this by analysing the UK's case which also offers theoretical contributions to energy transitions scholarship. Fossil fuel and renewable interests clash as they both seek to capture hydrogen markets during the ongoing energy transition.

My research focuses on discourses promulgated by respective actors and it traces how this influences policy discourse to identify various interest's role in shaping hydrogen's future. I will spend four months at Brunel University London where I can continue my collaboration with Gareth Dale and become involved in the University's Hydrogen Initiative. During this period, I will gather pertinent documents and conduct interviews with experts. I will disseminate findings by publishing 1-2 scientific articles in top-notch academic journals, a policy paper with recommendations, and at least 1-2 shorter pieces aimed at a broader audience.

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