Dr Amilcar Pereira

UK Host Institution: University of Cambridge
Project status

Anti-racism and Education: History, Social Movements and Knowledge Production in Universities in Brazil and the United Kingdom

This proposed project will contribute to transnational understandings of Black diasporic struggles in the field of education by examining how the histories of anti-racist struggles in the UK and Brazil have created the terrain for potential changes in racial relations in recent decades. The project will focus on the role of elite universities like Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and University of Cambridge in these struggles for a more just future in two countries with distinct yet interrelated colonial histories of enslavement.

The project will combine archival research on the Black Movement’s history in UK with oral history interviews with black leaders, including with students and faculty of the University of Cambridge who are engaged in anti-racist activities on campus. The project will ultimately seek to influence how anti-racist struggles are understood, taught, and enacted in universities through the creation of novel pedagogical and curricular practices.

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