Doing Good, Growing Strong: Catalysing Economic and Social Impact in Jordan through Sustainable Social Enterprises

This interdisciplinary project aims to investigate and develop a holistic, culturally informed approach for fostering the growth and sustainability of social enterprises in Jordan for economic and social development.
Project status


The project seeks, firstly, to identify key success factors for Jordanian social enterprises and develop strategies for enhancing their societal and economic impact. Secondly, to analyse how Jordan's cultural and societal contexts influence social enterprises and develop strategies for cultural responsiveness. Thirdly, to examine existing Jordanian policy frameworks and produce recommendations for creating a conducive environment for the facilitation of social enterprise efficacy and growth. A diverse team from the UK, Jordan, and Sweden will employ mixed methods, offer capacity building to stakeholders in Jordan's social entrepreneurship ecosystem, and develop an online platform for sustainable social entrepreneurship.

Principal Investigator: Dr Farah Al Taji, Brunel University London

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