Disability Rights and In/Equalities in Higher Education

Foregrounding the lived experiences of students with disabilities, this project explores how sociocultural public discourses about disability and inclusion influence expectations and practice.
Project status

The project reflects an Indonesia/England problem-focused partnership to address the inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education. While now a legal requirement, only 72 out of 4,004 providers in Indonesia accept students with disabilities, while diagnosis and practical support remain very limited. This contrasts with mainstreamed support processes and growing student numbers in England, albeit that important challenges persist. The work is conceptualised in a postcolonial framework to permit bidirectional knowledge-exchange between Indonesia and England for the benefit of students with disabilities in higher education in Indonesia. The study brings together an interdisciplinary team spanning education, critical disability studies and media/communications to provide novel insights for practice, policy and research communities to transform lives through enhanced support and changing perceptions of disability.

Principal Investigator: Dr Lauren Stentiford, University of Exeter

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