Deepshikha Batheja

Programme member: A Just Transitions framework for equitable and sustainable mitigation of antimicrobial resistance
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One Health Trust




Health/Development/Labour/Gender economics

Dr Deepshikha Batheja's focus is on the socio-economic dimensions of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). As a programme member of the Just Transitions Working Group, she contributes by conceptualizing and understanding the association between gender inequality/norms and AMR. She has presented her work with the Just Transitions for AMR Working Group at the UK Parliament, The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) Global Conference, The Hong Kong University and WHO Headquarters in Geneva. Dr Batheja serves on WHO’s global experts panel on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and gender and is working on mainstreaming intersections of gender, caste, class and climate change in AMR research.

Specific projects:

  • Workshop on gender, caste, climate change and AMR
  • Photography competition for Indian college students on the topic of gender, caste and AMR in rural India
  • In collaboration with Srishti Goel, exploration of the role of gender and socio-economic inequities in social listening using two quantitative case studies from India
  • Research article with Professor Sonia Lewycka and Srishti Goel to test how women's bargaining power impacts their AMU (antimicrobial use) and AMR in the rural Vietnamese setting
  • Collaboration with Professor Sonia Lewycka and Srikanth Reddy on two research articles involving a quantitative study and a systematic literature review on climate change and AMR

Further links:

Personal website

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More on the Gender and AMR workshop organised with funding support from British Academy (Knowledge Translation grant) and WHO

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