Decolonising the Research Agenda on the Continuum of Violence against Women in Latin America

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Colombia.
Project status

Armed, political, ecological, and economic violence have shaped Latin America’s history. These forms of violence affect the development of entire communities. However, they have a differentiated impact on women because they are often in more vulnerable positions, which are exacerbated by political and armed violence. This two-day workshop hosted in Bogota, Colombia is directed towards Latin American early career scholars whose work addresses the various ways in which intertwined forms of violence in the region impact women, and how women have endured, resisted, and transformed those experiences. By bringing together these scholars, whose work is under-represented in the international gender studies field, with UK and US-based journal editors, Colombian academics and advisors on international grant applications, this workshop will support the publication of a special issue in a high impact journal, establish mentorship relations, and contribute to the decolonisation of international academic and policy agendas on gender, peacebuilding and security.

Workshop Team: Dr Sanne Weber, University of Birmingham; Dr Tatiana Sanchez Parra, Pontifical University of Javeriana

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