Decolonial Writing Workshops: Empowering Brazilian and Indonesian Women Scholars to Publish Global Academic Knowledge

Project status


Decolonial perspectives are increasingly drawing attention to the under-representation of scholars from the Global South in international academic knowledge production. This marginalisation can be further compounded for women from the Global South who may find that their gender intersects with their nationality to diminish the opportunities that they have to write and publish in global academic platforms. This project will deliver writing workshops to provide training and mentorship for 24 early-career women scholars from Brazil and Indonesia to equip them with the skills to write high quality grant bids and scholarly articles. This project aims to empower these humanities and social sciences scholars and to enhance their local research cultures. This will likely have further tangible consequences for the knowledge economies of these nations. This project will also facilitate South-South networking and collaboration between Brazilian and Indonesian scholars so as to produce new and valuable opportunities across the Global South.

Workshop Team: Dr Leon Moosavi, University of Liverpool; Dr Camila Prando, University of Brasilia; Professor Nina Nurmila, Indonesian International Islamic University.

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