Climate Change and Crisis: The Pakistan publishing and mentoring workshop

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Pakistan - particularly Northern Pakistan.
Project status

This proposal outlines plans for a professional writing program to support Pakistani early career researchers in publishing research on climate change vulnerability. It builds on the success of a previous workshop held in Pakistan during the severe flooding in 2022. Due to economic and social constraints, Pakistani researchers face significant professional barriers including a lack of funding and formal training opportunities, and limited collaboration with international institutions. The proposed two-year program will provide Pakistani scholars with strategic support and resources to amplify the impact of both their academic writing (journals and OpEDs) and knowledge exchange activities. The program has multiple “touch points” including a virtual launch, a four-day writing workshop, virtual writing sessions, and a one-day presentation conference at our Pakistan partner university. It is designed to equip the Pakistani early-career community with the necessary toolkits and networks to become fully participating and legitimate members of the global academic community.

Workshop Team: Dr Abrar Chaudhury, University of Oxford; Dr Umer Khayyam, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad, Pakistan; Dr Fozia Parveen, Aga khan University (AKU), Pakistan; Dr Ariell Ahearn-Ligham, University of Oxford; Professor Lisa Schipper, University of Bonn; Dr Joshua Brown, University of Virginia; Dr Saher Hasnain, University of Oxford.

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