The City as Archive: Writing and Methods Workshop

The workshop(s) for this project take place in Nigeria.
Project status

This writing and methods training workshop will bring together a team of leading scholars of urban studies, history, music and popular culture for a workshop to be held in the mega-city Lagos. Lagos has a unique position in urban studies scholarship, making it an ideally situated venue for this workshop. An inter-disciplinary team of mentors will comment on papers which have already been submitted, and will lead theoretical as well as practical seminar style conversations with invited participants from a range of disciplinary fields. Each mentor will prepare a set of cutting-edge questions, related to the nature of the archive and to theoretical and methodological issues of their discipline. The workshop aims to highlight the vital contribution that Africa-based scholars can make to knowledge production and will emphasise how crucial on the ground experiential knowledge is to urban studies and archival studies.

Workshop Team: Dr Carli Coetzee, University of Oxford; Professor Yetunde Abosede Zaid, University of Lagos; Professor David Pratten, University of Oxford

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